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REVIEWS of ANGLERS from other countries



Finding Pira Guazu travel was like finding gold.. and what a great fit for golden dorado. An exquisite experience provided by Ezequiel and his team who offer a comprehensive service.From the moment you land in Buenos Aires you don't have to worry about anything. He is genuinely passionate about his Job he meticulously organised my time in Argentina. Connecting with great lodges , fine dining and great fishing guides. The result has been an unforgettable experience. If dorado is on your bucket list look no further Pirá Guazú travel will not disappoint you.

This is my second trip with PGdoradofishing. I was so impressed with my first trip that I couldn't wait to go back . Everything was seemless and very well organized. What makes this operation so successful is the genuine desire for you to have an unforgettable experience .
Not only I have found what I regard as the best tour operator in Argentina but i also found great friends with a true passion for their craft. This last trip was truly incredible and very successful , even against the odds. This generates amazing memories and a strong desire to come back soon.


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MARCH 2023
Ezequiel has assembled an awesome team of guides, chefs, and others to make his tours more than exclusive. In 3 days, My Bride and I caught 30 Dorados between 10 kilos and 19 kilos. We lost at least 100 others due to our lack of skills. Not to mention, Ezequiel, Josh, and the guides had to wrangle my 150 kilo in and out of the boat. Then, they took us back to the Hotel and fed us delicious food until we were about to pop. Ezequiel thinks of every single detail and forgets nothing!! Ezequiel's team is the ultimate professionals, but we laughed the entire trip. Our arms and our faces are so sore from the trip.


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JUN 2024
We planned our trip with Ezequiel and PG Dorado Fishing 6 months prior to our arrival in Argentina. Everything was included in the price apart from international flights where we chose to fly with Lufthansa airlines. Ezequiel and Josh would keep in contact throughout the travel to Santa Fe Airport. They were both personally there to greet and welcome us at Santa Fe Airport. 

Accommodation wise we stayed at the Hambare lodge which was very clean and had everything you would need for a holiday such as an outdoor pool, restaurant, table tennis and was right on the the river allowing us to fish whenever we wanted. 

Fishing Day 1:
Day 1 was our chance to learn and get comfortable with the methods of fishing we would be using throughout the week. Accompanied by Ezequiel, Josh our American translator and Brian the fishing guide we set off for an approximate 45 minute boat journey out to the Parana river. Once out at the fishing location we fished with small eels that looked like our common European Catfish. We started catching fish instantly and had around 20 Dorados in the first morning up to 16lb. For lunch we pulled up to the side of the river and cooked steaks on a fire. It was amazing and allowed me to fish for catfish from the shore whilst we had lunch. We caught a Pati Catfish and some small yellow catfish whilst waiting. After lunch we decided to fish down some tributaries of the Parana with lures, we managed to catch Dorados and Piranhas.

Fishing Day 2
Day 2 we were up at 7 am as usual for our continental breakfast at the Hambare Lodge. Straight after this we headed out to a new lodge closer to the Parana river to avoid the 45 minute boat journey every day. After unloading our bags we were straight out fishing again. We caught many Dorados on lures, over 25, and managed to catch a big Piranha. From lunch we returned back to this new lodge and had meat cooked on the fire and a cheese and salami board provided by Ezequiel. After lunch we fished for small species again catching Armoured Catfish and Common Catfish. After this we decided to go searching for wildlife where we got to see big Capybaras and Cayman Alligators. 

Fishing Day 3
Day 3 we were able to get out the fishing location faster due to the new lodge. This showed as the fishing was incredible every cast on the lures we caught Dorado and at one point I managed to catch 2 Dorado over 5lb on the same lure. During this hectic morning we caught at least 35 Dorado including 2 over 20lb up to 22lb. We had never experienced fishing like this. This completed our goals with the Dorado and me and my dad both wanted to catch a Surubi Catfish. We were told due to the time of year and weather that this would be difficult but we would try anyway. In the afternoon we caught so many Piranhas and unfortunately could not get through to the Surubi Catfish. I asked Ezequiel if we could go night fishing and try and find them then, where he replied of course. The night was eventful where we caught 2 dorados one being my Dads biggest and 1 big Pati Catfish and 1 big Common Catfish.

Fishing Day 4 
Day 4 was tiring, due to the night fishing, but we battled on and repeated the process of 7am breakfast and fishing for 07:30. The morning was eventful with many Dorados losing 2 that looked over 20lb close to the boat on lures. Lunch was again at the new lodge and was amazing the small group of people that worked there tried so hard to make the experience comfortable and enjoyable for ourselves. The afternoon was a hunt for the Surubi Catfish. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful but did see a big one in the shallows (over 20lb) and caught Dorados and Piranha. Like every other day it would end about 20:00 with a beautiful meal back at the new lodge consisting of salad, meats and potato’s. 

Fishing Day 5
This was our final day fishing and we really wanted to catch a Surubi Catfish. The day started like every other breakfast and a lot of Dorados. We worked hard but unfortunately could not tempt a bigger Dorado out than we had previously caught. At lunch we packed our bags to return to the Hambare lodge. On the return we fished hard for the Surubi Catfish and you could see the hard work and tension on the boat as the clock ticked down. Eventually we were successful and with the help of Ezequiel and Brian and the very faithful Josh we caught a Surubi. But it wasn’t over there as 10 minutes later we caught another this time a tiger Surubi Catfish. Everyone was relieved and it was the happiest we had all been all week. Returning back to the Hambare Lodge Ezequiel said it was possible to night fish off the dock. We were very keen and after our dinner we headed down with some wine and beer. We caught loads of Wolf fish up to 5lb and you wouldn’t believe it but 2 more Surubi Catfish. We found this hilarious as we had been trying to catch one all week and caught 2 right outside our front door.

And that was it our fishing trip was over Ezequiel and Josh drove us back to the airport and we proceeded with our return to the UK. included with our holiday package was a night in Buenos Aires which we chose for the way back instead of the way there to rest. it was the Howard Johnson hotel and it was the perfect place to rest up and eat whilst watching Argentina in the Copa America. All of our flights and taxi drivers were on time and punctual. This allowed for a smooth transit home for me and my Dad.

Me and my Dad would just like to say a huge thank you to Ezequiel, Josh and Brian for their hard work this week. We have travelled and fished in over 20 countries and by far none of the people have treated us as-well as these 3. The fishing was unbelievable and a lot easier and more productive than I thought it would be. I would 100% recommend PG Dorado Fishing to anyone in the UK it is affordable and a trip of a lifetime.

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