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Pirá Guazú
(from the Guaraní language PiraGuazu, meaning “Giant Fish”) 

We are a Argentinean Company , authorized by file number 17703 resolution 1304/19.
PIRA GUAZU travel, offers to the worldwide anglers the possibility of organizing their fishing trips to the best destinations for Golden Dorado Fishing in Argentina, with the best service and with all the experience we acquire in a lifetime dedicated to  Golden Dorado fishing.

We make sure that each of our clients receive the treatment and service that a FRIEND deserves.


In each of our trips, PIRA GUAZU offers an ideal service for fishermen, Started up by a fishing fanatic, therefore, we make sure that the only thing that the client has to do is load their baggage and enjoy a fishing trip between new friends.




  • Lodging

  • Boat with trolling motor included

  • Professional guides

  • Variety of Lures/Flyes

  • Unlimited fuel 

  • Medical insurance

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and alcoholic drinks, fine wines

  • All Transfers/Domestic Flights

  • Translator Service (English, Italian, Spanish)


  • Private Flights

  • Fishing equipment


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  • Instagram
  • YouTube



Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina

FROM US$3000


Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina

FROM US$3800 


Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina

FROM US$3800

Beautiful rivers with crystalline waters that flows through the  middle of the Argentine Jungle called "Yunga" located in the argentine state of Salta, about 1400km north of Buenos Aires. Place where  your senses will be filled with wildlife and Dorados.
These river offers the possibility of fishing dorados with flies in a small mountain river with clear waters, wading, many times with seen fish, with dry flies. Anglers must be prepared to fish in situations that demand a wide range of techniques. In general, dorados appear a little aggressive, very selective and prone to being scared by situations outside their usual environment.
Fishing in clear and shallow waters demands precise casting, long strides and above all, in absolute silence, many times the noise of stones or leaves crunching scares the little fishes and the dorados behind them. We mainly use large flies, so it is essential to always pay attention to the recommendations of the professional guide.
We fish from March to November inclusive. 100% of the fishing in the river is done wading. The structure of the river changes from one section to another. Wading is not difficult or dangerous, however, it must be done walking, moving throughout the day, in a dynamic and changing scenario, so it is recommended to be prepared for long and tiring walks.

jungle fishing

Fishing Difficult
Golden Dorado Jungle Fishing
Golden Dorado Jungle Fishing
Golden Dorado Jungle Fishing
Golden Dorado Jungle Fishing
The accommodation is a very comfortable traditional place, it will be in a fully restored ranch house about 40 minutes from the river in a 4x4 or quad. You will already be immersed in the jungle. The right place to regain energy after an intensive day of fishing
Golden Dorado Jungle Fishing
Golden Dorado Jungle Fishing
Golden Dorado Jungle Fishing
Golden Dorado Jungle Fishing



3 or more guided fishing days into the jungle and 4 or more nights of accommodation. 
This package can be combined with fishing on the Paraná River and the Iberá Wetlands. It's highly recommended by us, as fishing for 3 days in small mountain rivers is more than enough to have a wonderful experience, followed by exploring the majestic Paraná River and its large Dorados. It's a unique experience that only we can offer. Contact us for further details, and we'll provide you with an exclusive quote tailored just for you


Esquina is located in the south of the province of Corrientes 370 miles (600 km) to the north of the city of Buenos Aires, on the banks of the Corrientes River, right at the point where it joins the Paraná River. The Corrientes River begins in the Iberá Wetlands, one of the largest freshwater and wildlife reservoirs in the world. The Iberá Wetlands are the ideal breeding site for a large number of fish species; this causes that the predatory fish of the Paraná gather in great numbers waiting for the passage of the new litters. This is why Esquina is one of the best places in the world for those who practice sport fishing.
Given its magnificent characteristics and combination of ecosystems, there, you can practice angling with lures and bait all year round, giving unimaginable results for fishermen who approach this corner of Argentina, where the amount of spades and attacks on their lures , exceed, in most of the times, the expectations of themselves.

Fishing Difficult


Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina
Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina
Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina
Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina
Foto de Pirá Guazú Viajes.jpg


Posada El Rocío

An exclusive place for Anglers, located on the banks of the Rio Corrientes in an incredible location, where they make an unforgettable place with all the attention for all those who visit it.
It has spacious rooms designed for
the comfort of the anglers with:

  • Air conditioning

  • Tv 

  • Wifi

  • Housekeeping

  • Minibar.

Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina
Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina
Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina
Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina




We offer to the anglers from other countries a package of 7 nights of accommodation and 5  days of fishing all inclusive, with the best service that the angler needs

Our service begins by picking up you at the airport on their arrival - 1 night in Buenos Aires and From there you will be transferred to our Lodges at the PARANÁ RIVER

The 2 Lodges of each trip contracted, will be chosen by the service provider, depending on the variables such as river levels, record of schools of fish, water turbidity, and water temperature; in order to guarantee that the 5 angling days will be truly effective

Payment methods from abroad are made in cash at the time you arrive or by credit card (only the book pay).

Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina
Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina


Located in the middle of de Corrientes Province 390 miles to the north of the city of Buenos Aires, The Iberá Wetlands National Park (from the Guaraní language ibera, meaning “Bright Waters”) are one of the South America's great untouched wildernesses, a vast expanse of native plant species, birdlife and uninhabited plains, more thah twice the size of the Everglades National Park at 3.2 millon acres. 

This extensive reservoir of water is home to one of the largest fish fauna in the world. Whose top predator is the Ibera Black Golden Dorado. The Black Golden Dorados of the ibera are a unique adaptation of the wetlands, since they must be perfectly camouflaged to hunt in the transparent waters. 

You will fish at this isolated region, provides a fantastic off-the-beaten-track destination in Argentina for wildlife lovers, thanks to its protected and pristine status–having been cut off from mankind over the millennia by its own encircling, impenetrable marshlands. As a result, thousands of plant, bird, animal and insect species have been able to thrive here, making for one of the most picturesque and rewarding wildlife experiences in Argentina.

Fishing Difficult
Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina
Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina
Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina
Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina


The Lodge is located in the southern part of the Iberá Wetlands, an exclusive fishing and adventure lodge that has all the amenities to share -with friends or family- a unique experience in the privacy of its 37 acres.

The Lodge can host a maximum of 6 Anglers, which makes it totally exclusive. The gastronomy is typical of the gaucho culture, you will enjoy a variety of grilled meats accompanied by Argentine wines




5 complete fishing days and 7 nights of acomodation. Exclusive package for groups of 2 or more Anglers. Includes all the services of Pirá Guazú.


Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina
Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina

The Golden Dorado is highly sought-after by anglers, appreciated for its fighting ability. The aggressive nature of the Golden Dorado, its high jumps, fighting strength and stamina have created a competitive market among anglers from all corners of the world, traversing South American waters in hopes of hooking a Golden Dorado

The Dorado is an avid hunter but can be a lazy chaser. Anglers make use of either very slow or very fast movement of the flies/lures to spark attacks by the Golden Dorado, depending on the region and season, denoting a gregarious behavior and ambush feeding strategy. It would not move after prey and attack passing-by fish or react only when the prey are in deliberate attempt to escape.

The mythic Golden Dorado is clearly the primary fish to be targeted. Golden Dorado ranging in size from 4 to 20 pounds are quite common and caught in good numbers. Each season several trophy fish above 50 pounds (common in Salto Grande) are landed. Fishing is done from 22 foot boat with platform equipped with 90hp four stroke motors. Additionally, each boat has a bow fitted electric trolling motor. These remote control engines allow the guides to silently approach each fishing area. Fishing primarily takes place in the tight channels and lagoons among the floating grass islands at the wetlands. River branches, at the head of islands and along deep banks of the main river where different structures (fallen trees, rocks structures and cut banks) generate ideal feeding spots for a natural hunter like the Dorado. In Salto Grande DAM can fish only two boats at the same time, very close to the wall to look for the largest Golden Dorados, in case of more boats we are going to take turns to enter and be able to fully enjoy this fantastic place.

You can not only catch Golden Dorados, but also another fantastic species like the Surubi (large cat fish), a powerful and voracious hunter from the deep, who will make your fishing equipment work to the maximum. These trophies can weigh up to 140 pounds and provide a tremendous fight.

The best dates to fish in Argentina are from mid-March / early April to late December.



We can provide you with fishing equipment if you wish, but you can bring yours. For this kind of fishing we recommend the following equipment:

• Rods from 6 to 6.9 fts, 12 to 25 lbs medium/fast action

• Lures of 4.7 in max, Suspending, Sub Surface, Sliders. That deepen 17 to 22 in max.

• Soft baits work well too

• Reels: Freshwater reels (ex: Shimano Curado) with strong drag and good line capacity. Line capacity of at least 100 yards of 60 lb line.

• 60lb wire bite tippet to protect the line of teeth from Golden Dorados

Note: We provide special Argentinian lures designed specifically for Golden Dorados, recommended by the guides Live bait also available on request


From the 2000s onwards, the dorado has been increasingly recognized as a fly-fishing targeted species. Its aggressive behavior and initiative taking flies as an active predator, paired with great fight energy, frequently going airborne in the attempt to loosen itself from the hook, make this species a true gamefish.

This fish usually takes flies both on surface and sub-surface and anglers tend to make use of heavier fly tackle (#6 and up, reaching #8 in some places) for placing bulky flies which are seen to be more attractive for the Dorado. Also often used by fly fishermen are Intermediate and Sinking-Tip fly lines once the species feeds on fast currents. 

Shiny, flashy material is very attractive to this fish, which led to the development of flies with much shiny, colorful material, or in opposition, dark or black ones suggesting lesser visual accuracy of the species. Fly fishermen use minnow-like flies, streamers and other fish-imitating flies.

Due to the Dorado's very sharp teeth, anglers use steel wire or fluorocarbon monofilament bite tippets, to avoid the fish cutting the line.


Golden Dorado Lurefishing
Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina

the weather

Our water conditions are stable and predictable throughout the season therefore every month fishes equally well. However, the outside temperatures and humidity are something to consider when planning when to visit.

March to May/September to November (Fall/Spring)
Usually sees daytime temperatures between 75-90 F and nighttime temperatures in the 55-65F. SubSurface Lures are effective during this time of the year.


June to August (Winter)

Daytime temperatures between 41-68 F and nighttime temperatures in the 32-59F. Lures that go deep 40/80in and  slow movement are effective during this time of the year.


December to February (Summer/Raining season)

Daytime temperatures between 77-95 F and nighttime temperatures in the 68-36F. Surface and Subsurface lures and fast/very fast movement are effective during this time of the year.

In this season, the water of the Parana river turns cloudy due to the great amount of rains. Fishing is carried out in the area of wetlands, lagoons and some exclusive places such as Esquina


Keep in mind that sun protection is very important, so you should consider bringing clothing with UV protection and fast dry, since we are going to be most of the day in the open.

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