It's a unique adventure created by Pirá Guazú Fishing (PG Fishing), that consists of a total of 9 days 8 nights and 6 full days of fishing.
Once you arrive at Aergentina (COR airport), you will be transferred directly by us to the fishing area.
The day after your arrival you will find yourself fishing immersed in the middle of the Argentine jungle called "Yunga". Where you will be able to live unprecedented experiences, in the middle of a totally wild environment in which you will put your resistance and all your fishing skills to the test.
On the first leg of the trip you will fish 2 days on the Rio Dorado and 2 days on the Rio Juramento and your accommodation will be at the traditional Las Lajitas hotel (Las Lajitas, Salta), place where you will receive the most cordial attention and you will enjoy a very good comfort and the best typical meals. 
During the fishing days you will have lunch in the middle of the jungle and at night you will return to the hotel to have dinner and rest.
In the second leg of the trip, you will stay in a hot springs spa (Los Cardones) in Termas de Rio Hondo City, where you will rest and the next day you will enter to the Rio Dulce for 2 days, with a night of camping on its banks. Only after the end of the second day of fishing you will return to the Spa, so you will be fully in the wild for 2 full days. 
Finally you will be transferred to the airport of arrival (COR) and trip ends

ABOUT the transfers

This is really important, you gonna land in Argentina at the 
Cordoba Int. airport (COR). There, an agent of the shuttle 
company, will be waiting for you. And from there you will get on a private plane that will take you to the province of Salta (3 hours by plane)

once there you will be transferred to the Lodge and to the fishing spots by car.

In the second stage of the trip you will fly in our private plane to the province of Santiago del Estero (2 hours by plane), once there you will be transferred to the Lodge and to the fishing spots by car.

Finally, we will take you on our private flight to the Cordoba airport (1 hour by plane) and our service ends there.

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ABOUT the Rivers


Located in the town of "Las Lajitas", in the middle of the "Yunga" of Salta, within El Rey National Park, about 870 miles (1400km) north of the city of Buenos Aires.
It is a mountain river that rises in the sub-Andean mountains in a sub-tropical climate, in the middle of the Argentine jungle, where you will live unique experiences that will fill your senses.
Place where fishing is on sight, since its waters are crystal clear. Fishing is done on foot, traveling distances between 2 to 4 miles.
Dorados abound in its waters, but the clarity of the water makes it very difficult to deceive them. What makes the fisherman's technique must be perfect to be able to make good catches, since you only have one chance per pool to capture them.
The beautiful Dorados of this river average 3 kg (6lbs), being able to capture pieces of up to 12 kg (24lbs).
This river offers us an exclusive type of fishing, in which we have the opportunity to see our piece and fish it as if it were a trout.


The river rises at 5,000 meters above sea level, in the Andes mountain range, about 900 miles northwest of the Buenos Aires City.
After the Cabra Corral reservoir, it takes its original name and then enters the jungle, where it travels almost 850 miles until it empties into the Paraná River.
It is a mythical river for the fishermen and for the inhabitants of the place, because in the year 1813 the Argentine national flag was sworn for the first time before the battles against the Spanish.
In its upper section, the Juramento River, is a river with fast currents and transparent waters, where fishing can only be done by drift boats. 
The fishing is really very difficult, since the speed of the river waters only allows a single shot to be made in places where a large Dorado can lurk.
This river will surely put you to the test
The beautiful Dorados of this river average 3 kg (6lbs), being able to capture pieces of up to 25 kg (50lbs).

Located 620 miles (1000 km) to the north of the city of Buenos Aires, the Río Dulce begins at the Termas de Rio Hondo reservoir in the province of Santiago del Estero, which reservoir receives contributions from rivers that are born in the Calchaquíes summits in the province of Tucumán. El Dulce crosses the entire province of Santiago del Estero, having in the middle and lower part, almost no contact with the human being; and finally it flows into the important endorheic basin of the Mar Chiquita lagoon, in the province of Córdoba.
In the upper part,the water have transparents tones and sand bottoms, but in the summer season, it suffers from violent floods that dirty the water and change the course of the river, all this causes, that in its channel, there are large amounts of trees, which were deposited by the crescent.
The changing characteristics of the river and the warmth in the water temperature cause it to be the ideal habitat for large predatory fish such as Dorados (Salminus Brasilensis) and Tarariras (Hoplias Malabaricus). That, at the time of fishing they give unparalleled fighting.
The Rio Dulce is one of the best places in Argentina for the practice the Golden Dorado Fishing in Driftboats with Lure, Fly, Live Bait or Spinning, since in its waters the Dorados and the Tarariras (Wolfish) are found in abundance. And in its middle and upper section it has palisades, slides and ravines, all these are the places chosen for predatory fish to prey on their prey; so, when the Angler sets near those places, the lures are strongly attacked



The first 5 nights will be at the Hotel Las Lajitas, a very comfortable traditional place, where you will be served by local people noted for their kindness and cordiality. Place where you will be able to taste the most delicious local foods, accompanied by the best wines, so that you can replenish your energies at night to be able to continue fishing the next day.
On the next leg of the trip you will stay at the Hotel Spa Los Cardones, in the city of Termas de Rio Hondo, Santiago del Estero. Where you will enjoy a day of Spa and hot springs, to relax and recover after 4 exhausting days of fishing.
After the day of relaxation, you will enter the Chaqueño Forest, where you will fish for 2 full days in the Dulce River and will camp overnight on its banks.
After the last day of fishing at Rio Dulce you will return to the Hotel Spa Los Cardones, to enjoy the last night of the trip there.






tentative itinerary



Per person in cash, sharing room and boat. Does not include International air tickets. 

paying with a credit card through PAYPAL, you must pay 5% more than the detailed price 



Per person in cash, sharing room and boat. Does not include International air tickets. 

paying with a credit card through PAYPAL, you must pay 5% more than the detailed price