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Tackle and Equipment List:
The fishing at Casare’ river is very diverse. Therefore, we recommend bringing different types of equipment and more than one set up.


Fly Fishing Tackle/Equipment List:

Rods: 8-10 weight rods are the recommended sizes for the different species and conditions. A 9ft, 9wt. being the most practical all around rod. 10wt are for the upper-most sector of the river, where shallow pockets among lots of boulders and structure force you to use a rod with more backbone. For those doing the Jungle Experience, we suggest bringing a 6wt as well, with floating line, for some topwater action with terrestrials.

Reels: Any quality reel with a good drag system and at least 100 yards of 30 pound backing.

Lines: Most fishing is done with freshwater or saltwater floating lines and lines with built in intermediate tips. Lines like the Rio Outbound or a 350-450 grain saltwater sinking head are handy as well and allow anglers to get down deep when needed. We recommend having two rods rigged, one with a floating line and one with an intermediate or sink-tip line.

Top 3 lines: Rio Outbound, Rio General Purpose Tropical Floating / Intermediate line, and Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Full Intermediate line.
Our advice; bring floating and intermediate lines, at least a couple each, and one sinking line.


Leaders/Tippet: 6-9ft. leaders with 40-50 lb tippet and minimum of 40 lb wire are used. Bring along spools of 40 and 50 lb fluorocarbon as well as 2 spools each of 40 lb coated wire (7x7 strand) tippet. With these diameters we typically fashion our own simple leaders. Titanium leaders are also a very good choice.

Flies: In general, this trip favors large dark 5-8 inch patterns. However, when the water levels drop smaller and lighter colored flies become crucial.
When a sudden downpour muddies the river, the big dark flies are back in favor. As an absolute minimum, we suggest arriving with 2 dozen flies. We will have some flies available for sale, and we do have flies made specifically designed for the rivers you will fish so you will be able to purchase or restock some flies on-site. They run about $8.00-$12.00 each.
Keep in mind if the fishing is hot you will most likely end up buying a dozen or more flies on site with cash. Fishing is mostly done using baitfish imitations. Full black, and combinations of black and red, purple or orange are very effective. The most popular fly used is the Andino Deceiver. It is just like a regular Deceiver but has lead eyes and a muddler head. Another popular fly used is the Lefty’s Deceiver. Small imitation of fruits (figs) and
nuts in green and dark patterns are used to entice pacu and yatoranas.


For large catfish, (if desired) we recommend the following: (we will have some heavy gear for our guests, should they not have it and choose to fish for these giants)

Rods: Heavy to Extra Heavy saltwater or freshwater rods. A strong rod is a must to get big fish out of deep holes, logs and rocks.

Reels: Big Saltwater or Freshwater reels (ex: Shimano Torsa) with strong drag and good line capacity. Line capacity of at least 150 yards of 25-30 lb


Line: We recommend 100-150kg braided line. You can also use heavy monofilament. Braided line: At least 150 yards of 100- 150kg braided line.

Monofilament: At least 150 yards of 80+ lb of monofilament line. This line strength and durability will give you the confidence you need to land your
potential IGFA record trophy fish.


Hooks and other tackle: Heavy gauge, offset Mustad and Gamakatsu 8/0 – 10/0 circle hooks are recommended. This is to increase your hook set ratio, and to limit unnecessary injury to the fish. We like to make our own leaders, so a spool of 150-200lb wire leader, crimps, and swivels are necessary. We will gladly rig them for you.

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