In the vast wilderness areas of Bolivia, there are still places untouched by man, places that hold unthinkable beauty. It is in places like this that biodiversity is at its highest expression. The Casare’ River is located in an indigenous territory that boasts an unbroken expanse of jungle and incredible biodiversity. Found nestled in the meeting point between the Bolivian Amazon and the Eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains of Bolivia, it is, to say the least, one of the most isolated and remote places in the world. Its inaccessibility has granted its protection for millennia.

Our team works hard to reach these destinations with minimum impact in order to maintain the same conditions as were present when we first arrived. The landscape boasts an impressive setting, full of diverse animal and plant life all around you. The mountainsides are covered in old growth rain forest, and choke the crystal clear waters of this majestic river. This area is the birthplace of the river system, and within it flows some of the purest and most pristine waters in the world. The massive schools of Sabalo baitfish that travel up to these headwaters in order to breed are a reason for the healthy population of large species of predatory fish, specifically, the Golden Dorado. Some of these baitfishes can reach 4-7kgs, and can be bitten in half by these trophy Dorado! The wild and untamed interactions of fauna and flora, the sounds and smells of the jungle, and the various tones of green that the sunlight reveals, will be etched in your mind forever. This paradise will show you what the world looked like thousands of years ago, allowing you to step back in time, into a lost world.

Golden Dorado
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Golden Dorado