Upper Paraná is known as the part of the River that comprises from its birth in Brazil, until the confluence with the Paraguayan River, approximately 1550km in length.

The Correntina part of Upper Paraná, the fishing fort, is from the Yaciretá Dam in the Town of Ituzaingo, to the town of Paso de la Patria, where it joins the Paraguay River. This entire stretch of the Paraná River is the border with the neighboring country of Paraguay.

One of the most precious characteristics by fishermen in the upper part of the Paraná, are its super crystalline waters. In this case, fishing with artificial lures occurs spectacularly.

Another of its characteristics is the so-called Galery forest, which descends from Matto Grosso along the rivers. This means that the coasts are covered by large trees, which lean towards the water, dropping their fruits. These fruits are used by a large number of species of fodder fish such as Pirá-Pitá, La Boga, and the very precious Pacú, all of them with great sporting potential and a challenge for fishermen with artificial lures. This set of fodder fish causes the Dorados and Surubies to concentrate in large numbers, giving powerful attacks to the lures and the baits of the anglers in that area.


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